Solar Drilling

Determination Drilling is a leading Canadian full service solar drilling contractor offering safe, efficient,& quality drilling/installation solutions for Ground Mount Solar PV systems.  We have equipment and crews stationed throughout Canada in an effort to minimize mobilization costs and maximize response time.

Our strong background providing geotechnical site investigations allows us to identify soil, rock, and groundwater conditions to ensure the correct foundation design, and to help determine the correct downhole drilling system for foundation installation.

We have a large fleet of drilling equipment and a diverse team of smart, friendly drilling technicians to handle any scope of work, anywhere, anytime.  While maintaining safety as our top priority, we are determined to complete your project on time, & on budget!

Solar Drilling Services include:
  • Rock Sockets
  • Soil Sockets 
  • Driven Posts
  • Ground Screws
  • Helical Piles
  • Pullback/Lateral Testing
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Trenching
  • Hydrovac Services
  • Underground Utility Locating
  • Site Clearing/Grading
  • Geotechnical Site Investigations

We look forward to helping make your next project a success!