7822DT Geoprobe 1

The Geoprobe 7822 DT is a rubber tracked high-capacity direct push machine with a narrow platform for limited access areas. It is fully capable of direct push probing with the GH64 percussion hammer, which now has two new significant features: a Modular Percussion Power Cell and integrated two-speed, bi-directional rotation. This is an industry first, and allows us to perform numerous rotational applications, including surface pavement coring and subsurface rock coring, with a rotation speed of up to 550 rpm.

The GA4000 augerhead allows for augering with solid and hollow stem augering to depths over 100′, with the capabiltie of coring bedrock through the augers. We can perform NQ, HQ and PQ coring of bedrock to depths of 150′.

Features – Geotechnical Drilling / Environmental Drilling / Exploration Drilling / Percussion Drilling

7822DT Geoprobe
Stroke 78 in.
Weight 7,555 lb.
Width 7 ft.
Length (folded) 133 in.
Height (folded) 94.5 in.
Height (unfolded) 184 in.
Side Movement 25 in.
Oscillation +/- 10 deg.
Foot Travel 20.5 in.
Extension 15.5 in.
Down Force 36,000 lb.
Retraction Force 48,000 lbs
Percussion Rate 32 Hz
Fuel Capacity (diesel) 17 gal
Engine (diesel) Kubota,
Engine Power 58 hp
Rear Stabilizer Lift 2,000 lb.
Ground Speed 0-5 mph
Surface Load 4.6 lb/in²
Winch Rating 2,350 lb.
Winch Speed 0-126 fpm
GH64 Hammer
Torque (high torque) 450 ft. lb.
Torque (low torque) 225 ft. lb.
Rotation (low speed) 0-250 rpm
Rotation (high speed) 0-500 rpm
Augerhead Specs
Torque (high torque) 4,000 ft. lb.
Torque (low torque) 2,000 ft. lb.
Hex adapter 1-5/8 in
Rotation (low speed) 0-95 rpm
Rotation (high speed) 0-150 rpm