CME 55 Trailer

This CME 55 is mounted on a tandem axle trailer and pulled by a Chevrolet 3500 4×4 truck.  Because of its size and maneuverability, it allows for excellent access to confined sites, parking lots or moderately off road areas. With its shorter tower height this rig has been indoors in multiple factory sites without shutting down operations in the plant.

Our versatile CME 55 trailer mount is capable of drilling with solid stem and hollow stem augers and can be equipped for rock coring, tri-coning, and wash boring.  It is equipped with an automatic hammer for quick & accurate SPT sampling.

By adding hydraulic quick connects for specific hoses, we are able to break this unit down into three separate 2000 lb pieces for shipping in small air crafts, and has been slung with a helicopter, flown in a DC3 Buffalo plane, and craned into some unique places.  It is a proven multipurpose rig for a variety of applications.


Features – Geotechnical Drilling / Environmental Drilling / Exploration Drilling / Heliportable Drilling

CME 55 Drill Rig
Weight 6,000 lb.
Width 7 ft – 3 in.
Length (tower down) 17ft – 0in.
Length (with truck) 32ft – 0 in.
Height (tower down) 7 ft – 8 in.
Height (tower up) 21ft – 0 in.
Down Force 18,650 lbs
Retraction Force 28,275 lbs
Engine (gas) Ford, straight
Augerhead Specs
Torque 7,333 ft. lb.
Rotation 690 rpm
CME Auto Hammer
Hammer Weight 140. lbs.
Hammer Drop Rate 60 / minute