CME 75 Truck 1

The CME 75 is a truck mounted rig, equipped with side -to- side slide base feature, two speed “feed up” and has a 3L8 moyno pump mounted on the side of the truck. This machine is set for any drilling situation encountered and dominates every soil condition, or rock type that it drills. It can drill solid stem and hollow stem augers as well as rock core, wash bore, tri cone and perform DTHH with our air compressor. A 4500 International kept in great condition is the carrier vehicle and is suited for the drill representing its extreme power and weight.cme



Features – Geotechnical Drilling / Environmental Drilling / Exploration Drilling / Geo-thermal Drilling

CME 75 Drill Rig
Stroke 72 in.
Weight 10,000 lb.
Width 8 ft – 6in.
Length (tower down) 24ft – 6in.
Height (tower down) 11ft – 4in.
Height (tower up) 31ft – 4in.
Down Force 20,000 lbs
Retraction Force 30,000 lbs
Engine (gas) Ford, straight
Augerhead Specs
Torque 10, 191 ft. lb.
Rotation 727 rpm
Hex adapter 1-5/8 in
CME Auto Hammer
Hammer Weight 140 lbs.
Hammer Drop 32 in.
Hammer Drop Rate 60 / minute