CME 75 Truck 2

Our second CME 75 Truck mounted drill rig is much larger than the first, giving it more weight for drilling into deeper and stiffer soils. It also has a very large deck on the drill, to allow for tooling, water totes and even a portable welder.

To add to the Trucks mounts great features, it has a pull master winch, along with two standard winches, a 3L8 moyno pump and flow through setup. This drill can auger with solid stems or 3 1/4″ hollow stems and upwards to 6 1/4″ hollow stems to 100′. By drilling with the 6 1/4″ augers, it allows us to run a 6″ down the hole hammer once we have augered to bedrock.cme





Features – Geotechnical Drilling / Environmental Drilling / Exploration Drilling / Geo-thermal Drilling

CME 75 Drill Rig
Stroke 72 in.
Weight 10,000 lb.
Width 8 ft – 6in.
Length (tower down) 24ft – 6in.
Height (tower down) 11ft – 4in.
Height (tower up) 31ft – 4in.
Down Force 20,000 lbs
Retraction Force 30,000 lbs
Engine (electric) Ford, straight
Augerhead Specs
Torque 10, 191 ft. lb.
Rotation 727 rpm
Hex adapter 1-5/8 in
CME Auto Hammer
Hammer Weight 140 lbs.
Hammer Drop 32 in.
Hammer Drop Rate 60 / minute