Track Mount Beaver Drill

Our Beaver drill has received some new and exciting modifications! Now mounted to a rubber tracked carrier, we can bring this drilling equipment with greater ease and accessibility. It is less than five feet wide and can maneuver and turn on a dime. This will allow us to reach more challenging sites and perform drilling production.

littlebeaver_logoiiIf needed, the Beaver drill will disconnect from the carrier to allow manual support for getting into smaller areas. Having 200′ of hydraulic lines we can fit the Beaver through a man door and allow drilling inside with low clearance and no exhaust fumes. Being so light weight, this drill can also be heliportable with ease and be loaded into cargo planes for extremely distant sites.


Features – Geotechnical Drilling / Environmental Drilling / Heliportable

Beaver Drill Rig
Stroke 48 in.
Weight of Beaver 400 lb.
Weight of Beaver/Carrier 1,500 lb.
Width 4 ft – 8in.
Length (tower down) 116 in.
Height (tower down) 52 in.
Height (tower up) 80 in.
Height (tower extended) 138 in.
Down Force
Retraction Force
Engine (gas)
Augerhead Specs
Torque 690ft.lbs.
Hex adapter in
Rotation 190 rpm
Drop Hammer
Hammer Weight 140. lbs.
Hammer Drop 32″
Hammer Drop Rate 20 / minute