The newest addition to our versatile fleet, the VersaDrill V-100 is the Cadillac of Water Well rigs.  This drill is tooled with 300ft of 20ft long drill rods and can switch from either air rotary, rotary percussion, or mud rotary in a matter of moments.  It’s great for deep hole water wells,vdlogo geothermal installations, or making a fast hole through difficult materials.  The International truck has 6×6 drive and can power it’s way into or out of the muddiest of farm fields.  Water is the lifeblood of our planet…we at Determination Drilling are stewards of the environment tasked with providing clean safe drinking water to all who need it, while protecting our aquifers for generations to come.  We’re looking forward to drilling a new Water Well for your home or business.




International 7600 6×6 chassis

Transfer Case
Single output, full power transfer case road/PTO shift from truck cab

Mounted on 2 hole gear box, truck engine/transfer case powered Feed, winch, auxiliary and set-up functions are powered by 2 axial piston load sense pumps.

Rotation is a closed loop circuit powered by a variable displacement piston pump.

10″x16″ tubular derrick construction
33′ 9″ overall length
23′ top head travel
55,000 lbs rating
(No derrick crown load)

Feed System (patented)

Pullback 25,000 lbs
Pulldown 22,100 lbs
Travel Speed Up 0 to 121 FPM
  Down 0 to 218 FPM

Standard Top Head
2 motor combination planetary/spur gear
Variable 2 speeds/torques
4,400 ft-lbs @ 160 RPM
3,200 ft-lbs @ 220 RPM

Main Winch & Jib Boom
Hydraulic power with integral brake
Rope capacity: 500′ of 3/8″ eng. chanced cable
Lift capacity: 8,000 lbs single line (bare drum)
Speed: 140 FPM
Jib boom: Hydraulic swing/extend for main hoist line

Hydraulic oil cooler mounted on deck and compressor cooler mounted in cabinet with compressor

Left hand mounted, functionally grouped gauges and controls with twin fold-up platforms

Leveling Jacks
2 front-mounted 36″ stroke
2 rear-mounted 36″ stroke
Independent controls

Retracting hydraulic split centralizer table including hydraulic breakout wrench and air operated holding wrench

Maximum of 8″ casing through centralizer table

Hydraulic powered, derrick-mounted carousel with holding flats for makeup and break out purposes

Capacity for 10 pieces of 3 1/2″ OD x 20′ drill rod

Capacity for 11 pieces of 3″x 20′ drill rod

Rod Box
Up to 20 pieces of drill rod


Overall Length 33’9″
Overall Height Derrick up: 35’10”
  Derrick down: 12’1″
Overall Width 8′
Air Compressor
500 CFM/200 PSI self-contained moduleDHD Lubricator
7 gallon capacityWater Injection
FMC Bean pump with 9 GPM capacityMud Pumps
3×4 centrifugal with mechanical seal
5×6 piston-type hydraulic driven
Grout Pump Assembly
1 1/2″ Bowie pump mounted inside of deck
2″ Bowie pump
Geo-Loop grouters
Night Lighting System
3 LED lights mounted on derrick and above control panelTool BoxesTruck SpecificationsPeterbilt Model 348 6×4
Wheelbase: 214″
Cab-to-Axle: 144.2″
GVWR: 54,600 lbs
Axles and Suspension
Front Axle Rating: 14,600 lbs
Front Suspension: 14,600 lbs leaf
Rear Axle Rating: 40,000 lbs tandem*
Rear Suspension: 40,000 lbs Haulmaxx (HMX400)
*Driver controlled full locking axles
PACCAR PX-8 330 HPTransmission
Manual, 10-speed Brakes
Air brake system with anti-lock brakes includedClutch
Two plate, 14″ diameter ceramic clutchFuel Tank Capacity
100 gallonOther Specifications
Wide track rear suspension
Super singles on all tires (425/65R 22.5), mounted on Alcoa aluminum wheels