Health & Safety


Determination Drilling is vitally committed to the safety & well being of our employees, and anyone remotely involved with any of our projects.  We have developed critical tools and procedures for our operators to administer into each & every site including equipment checklists, joint safety analysis, toolbox safety meetings, last minute risk assessments, utility compliance forms, etc…

Our Health & Safety Program is the best in the business which when followed through eliminates virtually any hazard which may arise.  We are very proud of all the hard work we’ve put into developing this program, however health & safety is never a closed book…we continue to add to this living breathing documentation/training commitment to ensure a safe workplace for everyone.

Determination Drilling & Soil Investigations Inc. carries out environmental and geo-technical drilling operations at a variety of sites throughout Canada. The nature of the projects sometimes requires the equipment to be transported into tight spaces and /or rugged terrain

In order for a safe drilling environment, preplanning the project is an important step. We must determine the scope of the work, including the location and number of boreholes that are to be drilled, depths, sampling systems, and sampling intervals. Secondly, we require all necessary underground and overhead clearances (private and public) for the site where work will be carried out. Any property boundaries must be identified prior to work on the site.

On-site and Off-site utilities can include but are not limited to: – Natural Gas – Local hydro distributors – Sewers – Water supplies – Bell/Cable lines, etc.

In accordance with Determination Drilling and Soil Investigations Holdings Inc. protocol, this Health and Safety Plan will be reviewed by all personnel working on this site during a meeting conducted before the start of any work. All personnel must fully understand, agree to, and comply with the measures contained in this document at all times.

Tailgate meetings will be held prior to the start of every workday. The Health & Safety Plan will be reviewed and the proposed work to be carried out that day will be presented. Tailgate meetings will also held when on site conditions have changed or there is a change in the work schedule/plan.




Canada’s Safest Employers 2015

Safety Leader of the Year nomination by Canada’s Safest Employers 2015 after successful completion of our 5 year WSIB Safety Groups with 100% score following our safety compliance audit at the culmination of our final year in 2015. Canada’s Safe awards boast 10 industry-specific categories, ranging from hospitality to mining and natural resources. Companies are judged on a wide range of occupational health and safety elements including employee training, OHS management systems, incident investigation, emergency preparedness and innovative health and safety initiatives.


WSIB Safety Groups

Successfully completed 5 year WSIB Safety Groups with 100% score following our safety compliance audit at the culmination of our final year in 2015.


June 3, 2015
Mr. Daniel Carrocci
Determination Drilling 2493 Hendershot Road Binbrook, Ontario L0R 1C0
WSIB Account # 3313007

Dear Mr. Carrocci: I would like to thank you for meeting with Ms. Shelley Wall and I on June 1, 2015 regarding the Safety Group Program validation audit. Ms. Ellaline Davies, GVCA Consultant, attended as an observer. Mr. Dan Carrocci, Owner, participated in the opening meeting. The purpose of the validation audit was to verify the health and safety information contained in the 2014 Year-end Reports which were reported to your Safety Group Sponsor (GVCA) and submitted to the WSIB. The results from the onsite audit confirmed Determination Drilling has implemented the five-steps to managing health and safety for five Safety Group elements. The results further confirmed Determination Drilling has implemented many positive health and safety initiatives to change the safety culture and is committed to creating an injury free health and safety environment. I was able to verify, with the required supporting evidence, the completion of five Safety Group elements from 2014 – Hazard Recognition, Hazard Assessment, Hazard Controls, WHMIS, and Return-to-Work Self-Assessment. I was able to verify through random sampling of elements previously completed that Determination Drilling has a system in place to maintain its previously completed Safety Group elements according to the requirements of the Safety Groups Program Employer Guidelines, 4th ed.. The self-reported score of 100% has been verified based on the findings from the Safety Groups Program validation audit. Congratulations! Determination Drilling is eligible to participate in the 2014 Safety Groups Program rebate incentive.

I hope that you found the validation audit process to be beneficial.

Sincerely, Lawrence Medas Lawrence Medas, BSW, RSW, CRSP, CHSC, Cert OHS Consultant, Safety Groups Program


Infrastructure Health & Safety Association

Successfully completed Traffic Control Certification in Temporary Work Zones.



Global Training Centre

Successfully completed Ground Disturbance Level II assessed to the ABCGA Standard 201 Ground Disturbance Supervisory.




Fully certified through eRailSafe training program for work with CN Rail and CP Rail.




Drilling Safety Association

DSA Certified Drilling Contractor & Technicians. The DSA is an organization of drilling safety professionals dedicated to facilitating the communication, education, and technological advancements of the global drilling community, with the goal of identifying and eliminating hazards ensuring the safest workplace for all drilling technicians.



An online international drilling safety website that allows you to search for a variety on drilling safety safety topics, research associations and educational institutes as well as share any useful safety related topics that may be used by your company.


St. John Ambulance

First Aid and CPR certified through St. John Ambulance training program.




Northern Centre for Advanced Technology Inc.

NORCAT Common Core training completed for Surface Miner.




Petroleum Oriented Safety Training

Successfully completed POST Behaviour Based Safety program.