Determination Drilling is a fully licensed and dependable drilling company offering many techniques, and drilling solutions in order to complete your project efficiently.

We employ a variety of drilling methods including:

  • Rotary Cut – (solid/hollow stem auger)
  • Rotary Abrasive – (diamond core)
  • Rotary Crush – (tricone – air/mud)
  • Percussion – (Geoprobe GH64 top head nitrogen hammer)
  • Rotary Percussion – (down the hole hammer)

DDSI is a licenced water well contractor in the province of Ontario.  We offer wells of all natures including drinking water, dewatering, environmental monitoring, and piezometer well installations in accordance with OReg 903.

We are experienced in barge drilling, having completed many jobs on different sized barges and in a variety of bodies of water, completing sediment sampling in the mudline at the bottom of the water and rock coring beyond that. We are also proficient with heliportable drilling, having gone to many different mining camps in Northern Canada, for exploration, geotechnical, and environmental purposes. We are also dam drilling specialists with light weight, unique equipment to accurately assess any structure.  Our downhole video camera services are also a nice feature which you may want to use on your project.

Our experienced operators are trained in all these types of drilling and are determined to get your hole drilled safe, quick, and efficiently.  Our crews are friendly, reliable, and hardworking technicians.  DDSI management is honest, knowledgeable, and able to determine which rig and downhole tooling would be best matched to the terrain, geology, scope, and intent of your exercise.

There is no project too large or too small that we can’t provide a solution for.  Determination Drilling prides itself on making the impossible happen.  Give us a call for your next project and we’ll give it our full attention.

Services we offer include: