Dam Drilling

Determination Drilling has performed geotechnical drilling for safety assessments on over 100 earth wall, and concrete structure dams throughout Canada.   We have specialized equipment and techniques to adequately assess concrete structures to ensure their competency, and to see if they are bonded to the bedrock.  Our flyweight prospector drill is compact & light weight which will not put additional stress on the structure.

We employ diamond core drilling as our main drilling method which is a rotary abrasive downhole technique, again not adding any percussive energy to the structure.  After the core hole is completed, we typically lower a downhole camera into the hole to view the outside of the borehole wall, identify any cracks/fissures, find the height of the water table, look to see if the concrete is bonded to the bedrock interface, and to see the condition of the bedrock beneath.  We then perform packer testing in the bedrock formation below to determine permeability.  If a gap is identified between the bedrock, and the concrete structure, we are able to lower steel rods into the hole, and pressure grout the structure to add strength, and increase longevity.

While working over the water, special environmental and safety protocols are put into place to ensure that the water below is not affected by our activities, and all personnel are protected from any new hazards associated with working over water.  DDSI is the premier drilling contractor in Canada when it comes to dam drilling, and we encourage you to contact us for your next dam drilling project…our experience will ensure your project becomes a success.