Direct Push Drilling

Determination Drilling provides direct push drilling, which is a specific method, mainly for environmental investigations, that uses a percussion hammer to push and vibrate into the ground, instead of rotating. It’s efficient in ways, such as, having no soil cuttings and retrieving cleaner samples.

The soil samples are retrieved in 5′ plastic liners so that volatile organics are not exposed to the atmosphere, resulting in better analysis. These liner samples provide an accurate, undisturbed, vertical profile of the soil, which will improve representation of site conditions. We are equipped to offer, the sampling liners or standard split spoon sampling. We are also capable of installing monitoring wells and providing in situ bioremediation injections through our drilling rods.

This GH64 percussion hammer also features an integrated two-speed, bi-directional rotation, which allows for numerous rotation applications. With rotation speeds up to 550 rpm, it can perform sub surface rock coring. In case more torque is needed, our Geoprobe features a swing away GA4000 augerhead, to switch over to augering drilling in no time.