Environmental Drilling

Environmental drilling & sampling is generally done for phase II and phase III environmental assessments of commercial, government, and residential properties. By drilling through the soils and/or through the desired water table(s), environmental investigations of the soil and water can be done to determine the presence and/or concentration of contaminants in the water table. When all of the environmental drilling is completed to depth, we are then able to install 1″- 2″ monitoring wells through our hollow stem augers (3 1/4″, 4 1/4″ID) into the water tables of soil.


The use of rock coring or triconing are our methods for bedrock monitoring well installations to the desired depths. Cluster well installation is the process of situating multiple wells in the same borehole. This is used to capture different water tables for further investigations.

Our employees are licenced well technicians, by the Ministry of Environment and are educated on the importance of sealing each monitoring well properly, in accordance to Ontario’s regulations (Reg.903).