Heliportable Drilling

Determination Drilling can dis-assemble and re-assemble our drilling rigs to adapt for heliportable requirements, when drilling in remote places is needed. We are able to break our drills down into 3-4 pieces for helicopter flight and assemble them at the next drilling location. Our crew has helicopter training for safely loading and unloading the slings of equipment and supplies, and we are educated and comfortable using the proper hand signals to communicate with the helicopter pilot.

Heliportable drilling is always an adventure, being helicoptered out into some of the most remote places on the planet and drilling our boreholes is simply amazing.  Our crews are capable of drilling in any location through soil or bedrock on these types of jobs, whether we have to use fallen trees as our drilling base, battle trillions of mosquitos/blackflies, or running hoses kilometers away to be able to find a water source for coring. No matter what the challenge may be, Determination Drilling will find a solution to get the job done safely and effectively.