• Solar Construction Services

    Determination Drilling is a leading Canadian full service renewable energy construction contractor offering safe, quality , & turn key earth works solutions for Ground Mount Solar PV systems.  We have equipment and crews stationed throughout Canada in an effort to minimize mobilization costs and maximize response time.

    Our strong background providing geotechnical site investigations allows us to identify soil, rock, and groundwater conditions to ensure the correct foundation design, and to help determine the correct downhole drilling system for foundation installation.

    We have a large fleet of drilling rigs and earth moving equipment.  Our diverse team of smart, friendly technicians can complete any scope of work, anywhere, anytime.  While maintaining safety as our top priority, we are determined to complete your project on time, & on budget!

    Solar Construction Services include:
    • Geotechnical Site Investigations
    • Bedrock Micropiles
    • Soil Micropiles
    • Driven Piles
    • Ground Screws
    • Helical Piles
    • Pile Load Testing
    • Horizontal Directional Drilling
    • Trenching
    • Hydrovac Services
    • Full Site Surveying
    • Underground Utility Locating
    • Site Clearing/Grading
    • Fencing
    • Road Building

    We look forward to helping make your next project a success!

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  • Geotechnical Drilling

    Geotechnical Drilling and sampling of soils and bedrock provides information about the formation and stability characteristics vital to the construction industry. By studying these characteristics along with ground water and bedrock mapping it allows the process of construction to be carried out in the best manner with no surprises.

    A 2′ split spoon is the most effective method of retrieving a sample of soil, though use of a sand trap is needed in sand formations and shelby tubes are used to extract soft clays with little or no SPT value. When rock coring, an inner tube, seated at the bottom of the drill string is extracted to obtain the core sample needed.

    Standard penetration testing (SPT) is done with the use of our automatic hammer, which drives a split spoon or a dynamic cone point(cone penetration testing) into the soil at a certain drop rate and weight. The amount of times driven into the soil within certain measurements provides the data needed to calculate soil strength. Shear tests are done with field veins in soft clays to determine shear strength if low SPT value is shown. These are standard tests in geotechnical drilling. Determination Drilling is equipped with all of these tools to sample, on our rigs for any geology we encounter.

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  • Environmental Drilling

    Environmental drilling & sampling is generally done for phase II and phase III environmental assessments of commercial, government, and residential properties. By drilling through the soils and/or through the desired water table(s), environmental investigations of the soil and water can be done to determine the presence and/or concentration of contaminants in the water table. When all of the environmental drilling is completed to depth, we are then able to install 1″- 2″ monitoring wells through our hollow stem augers (3 1/4″, 4 1/4″ID) into the water tables of soil.


    The use of rock coring or triconing are our methods for bedrock monitoring well installations to the desired depths. Cluster well installation is the process of situating multiple wells in the same borehole. This is used to capture different water tables for further investigations.

    Our employees are licenced well technicians, by the Ministry of Environment and are educated on the importance of sealing each monitoring well properly, in accordance to Ontario’s regulations (Reg.903).

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  • Exploration Drilling

    Rock coring is the use of a diamond encrusted drill bit to drill through the bedrock. With high speed rotation and water as a flushing agent, as well as to cool the bit, the drill produces a core sample which then is extracted from depth, for examination. Geological site investigation is common in any area for studies of the Earth’s formation or fractures in the earths rock layers. We also perform Environmental Site assessments by installing monitoring wells in the bedrock for future studies for water tables.

    Exploration diamond drilling is used in the mining industry to probe the contents of known ore deposits and potential sites. By withdrawing a small diameter core of rock from the ore body, geologists can analyze the core by chemical assay and conduct petrologic and mineralogic studies of the rock.

    Determination Drilling has been a part of geological / exploration drilling in such mine sites as DeBeers’ – Victor Mine, Attawapiskat, Ontario, Noront – Ring of Fire Project, North Western Ontario, and Iron Ore Company of Canada’s – Labrador Mine, Labrador City, Newfoundland all on multiple occasions.
    Our drill rigs are capable of rock coring with BQ, NQ or HQ rod sizes to drill to get to desired depth extracting all bedrock samples.Iron ore, kimberlite, granite, and quartz are examples of some harder rock we are able core through as well as retrieving softer types of rock such as limestone or shale.

    Give us a call to discuss your project requirements and we’ll provide you with effective drilling & logistical solutions to make your drilling program a success!

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  • Water Well Drilling

    DDSI is a steward to the environment.  As a licenced water well contractor we serve the residential, industrial, and agricultural communities by drilling irrigation, dewatering, and drinking water wells. It is critical for people to have clean drinking water that is safe and tested. It is equally important for farmers to have water sources for livestock, and/or crops to survive. Dewatering wells are important for construction projects, as excavating large areas of land can be more effective if the ground water is temporarily removed.

    Whatever the application is, we will ensure that your ground water needs are completed in accordance with OReg 903 to protect the worlds most precious resource for generations to come.


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  • Decommissioning

    Well abandonment is a great practice to get into for both environmental, and safety reasons.  If you own a property, or know of any wells which are not in use, they provide a conduit for contamination to affect an aquifer which entire communities may rely on.  These should be capped as per OReg 903, and DDSI has the knowledge and licences to take care of this for you.  Some regions actually have financial incentive programs through the local conservation authority to assist you with the cost of abandoning these old wells.  For more information, or to do your part for our environment, please contact us today!

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  • In Situ Remediation

    In situ remediation is the use of microorganism metabolism, called bioremediators, to remove pollutants from underneath the ground. Determination Drilling offers in situ bioremediation by use of drilling and treating the contaminated material on site. Methods for these injections can be done with the use of our augers, our probe rods, and even through monitoring wells.

    When augering, the borehole is drilled to the targeted depth of contamination, the augers are retracted to the amount desired for injection (usually 5′ – 10′) and the packer system is lowered in our 3.25″ augers. With the use of our packer system we are able to push bioremediators through our augers in the specific zones allowing for an effective injection.

    With the use of our direct push technology, injections can be made through a probing rod, once you have reached the contaminated zone. The slots in the rods allow the bioremediators to pass into the soil, injecting with minimum disturbance to the ground.

    Injections can also be successfully completed through a finished monitoring well. Once a monitoring well is installed with the desired amount of screen, injections can be done through the top with a fitted cap.

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  • Barge Drilling

    Determination Drilling can drill off shore, as well, with all of our drills. With multiple barge drilling jobs accomplished, we find that drilling off shore is second nature. We are able to auger/washbore and split spoon sample in sediments and utilize rock coring and retrieve core samples in any marine environment.We have had all of our drilling units on a variety of different barge designs, for many major geotechnical projects.

    On barge drilling safety and environmental protection is paramount at all times, through the use of safety devices such as guardrails, flotation devices, secondary containment and environmentally friendly hydraulic fluid, we are outfitted for the drilling in an aquatic environment .

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  • Dam Drilling

    Determination Drilling has performed geotechnical drilling for safety assessments on over 100 earth wall, and concrete structure dams throughout Canada.   We have specialized equipment and techniques to adequately assess concrete structures to ensure their competency, and to see if they are bonded to the bedrock.  Our flyweight prospector drill is compact & light weight which will not put additional stress on the structure.

    We employ diamond core drilling as our main drilling method which is a rotary abrasive downhole technique, again not adding any percussive energy to the structure.  After the core hole is completed, we typically lower a downhole camera into the hole to view the outside of the borehole wall, identify any cracks/fissures, find the height of the water table, look to see if the concrete is bonded to the bedrock interface, and to see the condition of the bedrock beneath.  We then perform packer testing in the bedrock formation below to determine permeability.  If a gap is identified between the bedrock, and the concrete structure, we are able to lower steel rods into the hole, and pressure grout the structure to add strength, and increase longevity.

    While working over the water, special environmental and safety protocols are put into place to ensure that the water below is not affected by our activities, and all personnel are protected from any new hazards associated with working over water.  DDSI is the premier drilling contractor in Canada when it comes to dam drilling, and we encourage you to contact us for your next dam drilling project…our experience will ensure your project becomes a success.

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  • Heliportable Drilling

    Determination Drilling can dis-assemble and re-assemble our drilling rigs to adapt for heliportable requirements, when drilling in remote places is needed. We are able to break our drills down into 3-4 pieces for helicopter flight and assemble them at the next drilling location. Our crew has helicopter training for safely loading and unloading the slings of equipment and supplies, and we are educated and comfortable using the proper hand signals to communicate with the helicopter pilot.

    Heliportable drilling is always an adventure, being helicoptered out into some of the most remote places on the planet and drilling our boreholes is simply amazing.  Our crews are capable of drilling in any location through soil or bedrock on these types of jobs, whether we have to use fallen trees as our drilling base, battle trillions of mosquitos/blackflies, or running hoses kilometers away to be able to find a water source for coring. No matter what the challenge may be, Determination Drilling will find a solution to get the job done safely and effectively.

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Our Equipment

Beetle Drill

The Beetle Drill is a fantastic drill for drilling through bedrock/boulder material.  We have several of these rigs available and can expedite your rock drilling programs to suit your needs.   With this multipurpose rig you can…

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Simco 2400

  The Simco 2400 is a light weight, compact rubber tracked remote control geotechnical drilling rig capable of accessing those difficult to access areas larger rigs cannot.  This rig is equipped with diamond core drilling,…

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The GAYK HRE 6000 ram features a track machine with center pounding for more efficient and accurate installations. It is possible to ram posts on slopes up to 20º (on north-south slopes). To ensure consistent…

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CME 55 Track

The CME 55 track mounted machine has a compact foot print and low centre of gravity, which allows it to navigate through difficult terrain. Powering through thick forest, deep swamp, or all terrain locations Determination Drilling will…

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CME 55 Trailer

This CME 55 is mounted on a tandem axle trailer and pulled by a Chevrolet 3500 4×4 truck.  Because of its size and maneuverability, it allows for excellent access to confined sites, parking lots or…

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CME 75 Truck 1

The CME 75 is a truck mounted rig, equipped with side -to- side slide base feature, two speed “feed up” and has a 3L8 moyno pump mounted on the side of the truck. This machine…

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CME 75 Truck 2

Our second CME 75 Truck mounted drill rig is much larger than the first, giving it more weight for drilling into deeper and stiffer soils. It also has a very large deck on the drill,…

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7822DT Geoprobe 1

The Geoprobe 7822 DT is a rubber tracked high-capacity direct push machine with a narrow platform for limited access areas. It is fully capable of direct push probing with the GH64 percussion hammer, which now has…

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7822DT Geoprobe 2

The Geoprobe 7822 DT is a rubber tracked high-capacity direct push machine with a narrow platform for limited access areas. It is fully capable of direct push probing with the GH64 percussion hammer, which now has…

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The newest addition to our versatile fleet, the VersaDrill V-100 is the Cadillac of Water Well rigs.  This drill is tooled with 300ft of 20ft long drill rods and can switch from either air rotary, rotary percussion,…

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Flyweight Prospector

The Fly-Weight drill is an ultra-lightweight drill that makes exploratory drilling an option with its low weight and ease of transport.  This drill is ideal for coring concrete structures such as dams or bridge piers…

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Track Mount Beaver Drill

Our Beaver drill has received some new and exciting modifications! Now mounted to a rubber tracked carrier, we can bring this drilling equipment with greater ease and accessibility. It is less than five feet wide…

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Pionjar Drill

The pionjar is a handheld drilling tool which uses percussive energy to drive a split spoon. It’s small size and portability make it a good choice for remote access sites as well as indoor applications….

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Concrete Coring Machine

Our concrete coring machines can core 4″to 12″ diameter through concrete and asphalt.  We have several coring machines and expert staff to operate them safely and effectively.     Features – Geotechnical Drilling / Environmental Drilling

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Our Ditch Witch FX20 vacuum excavator is ideal for a wide range of projects including soil cleanup for highway drilling, removing cave material from boreholes, commercial and residential debris cleanup and landscaping, underground utility location,…

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Excavator Services

Determination Drilling employs certified & experienced heavy equipment operators.  If you ever have any sites that involve test pitting, moving soils, or any type of excavation work, give us a call.  We have competitive rates, and…

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About Us

Determination Drilling is a leading Canadian full service construction contractor offering specialized services to the Environmental, Infrastructure, Transit, Water Well, Mining, and Renewable Energy industries. With offices in Ontario and Alberta, we serve consulting engineering…

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Health & Safety

  • Safety Leader of the Year Nomination by Canada’s Safest Employers 2015.

    Canada’s Safest Employers
  • Successfully completed 5 year WSIB Safety Groups with 100% score following our safety compliance audit at the culmination of our final year in 2015.

    WSIB Ontario Safety Groups
  • First Aid and CPR certified through St. John Ambulance training program.

    St. John Ambulance
  • Fully certified through eRailSafe training program for work with CN Rail and CP Rail.

  • Traffic Control Certification in Temporary Work Zones.

    Infrastructure Health & Safety Association
  • DSA Certified Drilling Contractor & Technicians.

    Drilling Safety Association
  • NORCAT Common Core training completed for Surface Miner.

    Northern Centre for Advanced Technology Inc.
  • Member of Drill-Safe, The Online International Drilling Safety Resource. Determination Drilling utilizes Drill-Safe as part of our health and safety plan.

  • Successfully completed POST Behaviour Based Safety program.

    Petroleum Oriented Safety Training
  • Successfully completed Ground Disturbance Level II assessed to the ABCGA Standard 201 Ground Disturbance Supervisory.

    Global Training Centre

Latest News

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Sir Sandford Fleming College in Lindsay, Ontario is home to the Resources Drilling & Blasting Technician program. This is the only formal college for drilling education in Canada, and the premier driller training course in the…

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Proud Sponsorship for future NHL stars!

Just like the players we sponsor, Determination Drilling is all about goals.  We’re striving to be the best drilling company out there, and that takes teamwork, determination, friendship, hard work, big fans, and a little…

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Safety Leader of the Year Nomination by Canada’s Safest Employers 2015

Determination Drilling is proud to announce that owner, Dan Carrocci, has been nominated for Safety Leader of the Year by Canada’s Safest Employers 2015.  The awards boast 10 industry-specific categories, ranging from hospitality to mining and natural resources….

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